4 Best Vitamin Supplements for Men’s Health

Many people agree that there are significant differences between men and women aside from just gender. However, few understand that these differences also extend to nutritional needs. While adequate nutrition is important for everyone, there are certain vitamins that benefit men in particular.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A, which should not be confused with beta carotene, is critical for maintaining healthy testosterone levels. Indeed, when boys are deficient in this fat-soluble antioxidant nutrient, onset of puberty can be delayed and masculine features may be underdeveloped. Vitamin A (retinoic acid) also plays an important role in fertility by improving sperm quality, enhancing semen quantity and protecting the testes from oxidative damage.


Vitamin D

You may be surprised to learn that the sunshine vitamin actually behaves more like a hormone than a nutrient, and also regulates thousands of bodily processes. This is one of the most essential vitamin supplements for men because it fosters proper testosterone levels and helps keep estrogen low. Some studies also show that it serves as an aromatase inhibitor, a substance that keeps free (unbound) testosterone from being converted into estrogen.


Vitamin E

Where men’s health is concerned, the benefits of vitamin E have been hotly debated for decades. Research showed that it may actually lower testosterone levels slightly, but it also lowers estrogen and levels of sex-hormone binding globulin, which may offset the minimal testosterone reduction.

Other studies have found that large doses of vitamin E, far beyond the recommended daily allowance, may lead to higher testosterone levels. The nutrient has also been shown to enhance sperm quantity, quality and motility. It’s also an antioxidant, which means that it can protect the body from the effects of stress and chemical exposure that give rise to estrogen overload and cause low fertility.


Vitamin K2

Most people are unaware that there are two different forms of vitamin K, and that they each have different functions in the body. Vitamin K1 is the form found in leafy greens and considered to be essential for proper blood clotting. Vitamin K2 is found in fermented foods, meat, eggs and dairy. This is the primary form of interest for men’s health. It was shown in studies to significantly increase levels of serum testosterone by activating certain enzymes within the testes. Interestingly, the effect occurs without any change in luteinizing hormone. In one study, rats given one gram of vitamin K2 exhibited a 50 percent increase in their testosterone levels. In addition, supplementing with this nutrient also enhances absorption and utilization of vitamin D, which only adds to the benefits.

Choosing vitamin supplements for men can be confusing and even harmful unless you understand which nutrients men need most. By selecting the ones that support proper testosterone levels, testicular health and fertility, you can enjoy greater vitality and a reduced risk of certain male health problems.

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