How to Keep Your Milk Fresh for Longer

Don’t you hate it when you open the refrigerator in the morning to pour fresh milk over your cereal and you find that your it has gone sour? Here are some easy tips to get the most out of your milk whether it is full fat or Marigold low fat milk. These tips will work the same for both.

When you’re purchasing your milk, do not instantly grab the first container on the shelf. Look at the expiration date and then look at cartons behind the first one and look for a later expiration date. Don’t be afraid to take a container that is further back. It’s your money and you should get the freshest milk available. Also, look for milk which is packaged in yellow cartons. It will last longer. The yellow helps block light from the milk. Apply the same principles of looking at the expiration dates.

Make your milk purchase one of the last things that you pick up in the store and be sure that you are going directly home with it. Once at home, take your milk in the house first and get it immediately into the refrigerator. Place it behind other things. Keeping it at a consistent temperature is imperative to it lasting longer. By placing it at the back of the refrigerator it won’t be as subject to temperature changes as it would being close to the front. Remember, every time you open your refrigerator door you gain degrees that you don’t want inside.


organic milk


If you only go through half a gallon per week, do not be tempted to buy a gallon just because it is on sale. Only purchase what you need. Keep it at a consistent temperature and absolutely do not forget the chocolate syrup. Enjoy your ice cold milk until it is completely gone.


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