How to Choose the Perfect Web Hosting for You

When making your own website, one of the biggest decisions you must make is choosing your web hosting service. There are so many options to choose from, including Gigabit, Earthlink, and HostGator. How can you make the right decision with so many hosting services at your fingertips? Here are some things to ask yourself before choosing the web host you need.




1. The Purpose of the Website

If this website is just a personal website for yourself, to host a blog or personal content, you may not need that much from your web host and can probably use one of the many free ones available. If, however, you are pulling together a website for a business or to promote yourself as a freelancer, you’ll want to make sure you have a high quality web host. You can’t have a business website looking sloppy. For a reliable, professional website, you will want to pay for your hosting.


2. Building Your Website

Do you know how to program or build websites on your own? If so, then you can probably choose any web host and come up with something that looks good. If this is all new to you, though, you want to find a web host that integrates a good site-building system. Many of them do, but keep an eye out for the few that don’t. It doesn’t do you any good to have space for a website if you can’t pull it together!


3. Domain Name Emails

If you’re starting a business website, you may want to set up business emails for your employees or for different aspects of the company, like customer service and sales. Look for a web host that provides a large number of emails to go with the domain name. Some hosts only offer a few, so read the fine print before agreeing to them.


Domain Name Infographic



4. The Amount of Space Needed

Nearly every Malaysian web host will offer you different prices based on how much space you are using for your website, whether that’s 50 MB or 50 GB. This one can be difficult to figure out, because it varies based on what you plan on putting on your website. As a rule of thumb, unless you plan on hosting a lot of videos and pictures on your site, you can choose a smaller package and save some money. If you need to, you can always upgrade to a larger package later as your site grows.


Web Hosting Guide Infographic



5. Customer Service

Customer service is an absolutely essential part of the web host’s job. Getting websites up and running can be a frustrating and time-consuming process, and if there’s something wrong on the host’s end, you as a customer must be able to call them and get help. Look for a service that offers 24/7 phone support. If your site suddenly goes offline in the middle of the night, you need to make sure there’s going to be someone available to fix it before visitors need to go there in the morning.

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