Dedicated Server Hosting Meets Demands of Large Sites

Web hosting can be a bit of a mystery for webmasters who are not particularly tech savvy. These days it’s pretty easy to sign up for a shared hosting account and have a blogging platform such as WordPress installed very easily with a few clicks of a mouse and the completion of a few form fields.

Shared hosting is the level of hosting that most webmasters are most familiar with. As the name suggests, users with shared hosting accounts share the server hardware that powers their site with other users. In the majority of cases, this works very well, as long as the shared hosting server is not overloaded with too many hosting accounts, and none of the users are attracting overwhelming numbers of visitors to their site.

Shared hosting accounts are very reasonably priced, and are within reach of a wide range of potential users. Domain names are also priced reasonably, making it fairly inexpensive to set up a website with its very own domain name.

Dedicated server hosting, on the other hand, is in a completely different league. Although it is significantly more costly than shared hosting, it’s well worth it for the webmaster whose website serves many thousands of visitors per day.

Dedicated hosting provides the customer with a server that is reserved for hosting his or her website exclusively. More than one website can be hosted on a dedicated server, depending on the needs of the customer.

Using a dedicated server also gives the webmaster much more control over the server. Most dedicated server hosting packages give the webmaster administrative control of the server, making it possible for them to install software, change system settings and reboot the server anytime they wish.

Taking on administrative duties in addition to webmaster duties may not be right for everyone. Server administration requires experience and know-how that many webmasters lack, and may not be interested in learning. Many webmasters may not have the time that’s required to learn a whole new set of skills.

Fortunately, most service providers also offer a “managed hosting” option which gives webmasters the choice of having the hosting company’s technical staff handle all of the administrative tasks for them. That option allows webmasters to remain focused on developing and maintaining their website.

Dedicated server hosting providers like offers a variety of hosting packages that will satisfy the needs of any serious webmaster. Dedicated hosting offers the flexibility that allows your website to grow in order to meet the demands that are placed on the server by an increasing number of website visitors and longer periods of engagement by return visitors.

With the power of a dedicated hosting, you can expect lightning fast speed that will ensure the kind of responsiveness that your visitors expect. Powerful hardware combined with the massive network bandwidth provided by professional hosting companies give webmasters the level of control they want over their servers, and provide and unsurpassed level of service for all of their website visitors.


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